Pink Lilac


Everything is  early this year.  Here comes the pink lilac.  Remember when we were supposed to wait until Victoria Day ( oh, sorry, a British Queen shouldn’t be mentioned ) I mean Dollard Day ( oops, he turned out to be a rogue and we mustn’t talk about him) so let’s say May Bank Holiday ( banks !! More bad ones). So, the old idea was that 24 May was the earliest one could plant spring flowers.  Now everything is early, everything is racing ahead.  My wonderful tulips lasted exactly one week.  Darwin was quite right,  ” Adapt or Perish” .  Nature is called upon to adapt to us now, though. Thunderstorms on May 10?  Well, it cooled us off and meant I don’t have to water the garden.  It filled the birdbath and made some birds happy.  Accept, don’t complain, find the joy in what comes.  Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Earth first and then to all the Mothers ( and Fathers standing quietly not quite knowing what is going on)   Love from the pink lilac.

2 thoughts on “Pink Lilac

  1. Crazy how one day it is winter and 2 days later it is summer…what happened to spring? I love the spring flowers…especially the tulips and they just don’t last any more. 😦 Happy Mothers Day to you!

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