Lots of work to do




Funny how that phrase can feel heavy, onerous, and yet this time, it doesn’t.  I have lots of writing, organizing and preparation to do.  It feels like diving into something welcome, something exciting.  I am so aware of how lucky I have been to have been in a warm and beautiful environment for the whole of February.  San Miguel in Mexico is a wonderful place with a near perfect climate and stimulating company. Every day I saw color, beauty, outdoor life in plants, birds and animals.  Coming back I notice how people seem tired, strung out, sometimes even frantic with the strain of managing cold, snow and all that brings to daily life.  Just managing the car is tiresome and requires a lot of planning in a long winter like the one we seem to be emerging from.  I know just how lucky I have been to have avoided it.

And now it is time to do the work inspired by my stay in Mexico.  Time for “wild writing” .  Time for revision, for choosing pieces and for polishing poetry.  Lots of work to do and plenty of energy to do it in!  Finish up that second coffee and . . .let’s begin!


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