Coming Home



What at a wonderful thing to come home!  What a joy to find my dear friend waiting for me at the airport even though the airline left my bag in Atlanta.  She didn’t care that I was late after struggling with that.  She just whisked me off for Chinese food.  I sure enjoyed it since Delta thought a little juice and a cookie was enough for me . . . all day!  Boy, those noodles and black bean sauce just didn’t have a chance.  Then, when she deposited me at home I found that another friend had taken such good care of my orchids that they bloomed like crazy!  And she left a delicious pastichio and Greek pastry in the fridge.  That sure came in handy when the grandkids spent the day today.  Those dear faces and sweet ways were so welcome! Sleeping in my own bed with my own pillow was another thrill!  Ah, I think I’ll just repeat that experience!  Going away is great.  So is coming home.  Thank you , thank you, thank you.

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