Sam Miguel doggies will have their day





Or so it seems.  I was invited to a lovely dinner party yesterday.  San Miguel is that kind of town.  I have never been in a place where people were so eager to know me, eat with me, drink with me, invite me to groups.  Really it is quite amazing!  I attended the funeral of Toller Cranston yesterday in the morning – more about that in another post.  It really deserves its own thoughts.

I stayed for three nights at the home of a friend, Lindy while waiting to get into my own rental.  Lindy and I have not shared a long friendship but I feel somehow that we are on the same wavelength.  She has a practical, down -to- earth streak that resonates with me.  Some of the people I have met in San Miguel, while kind and most interesting seem to be out on a cloud to which I cannot aspire.  Here the words of an old nun resonate.  “Can’t means . . .I won’t”  Perhaps true in this case.  Anyway, my dinner company yesterday was far from that.  Such charming people!  The host was a gentleman who lived across the street from Lindy and two other ladies, both of whom speak wonderful Spanish and live in San Miguel.  It is always such a surprise to have the doors or gates that face the streets in San Miguel opened and to sitep into a hidden world.  In this case, my host had a large and beautiful courtyard full of many plants and flowers.  The streets themselves are often not beautiful, lined as they are with blank walls and high gates.  It is a little frustrating to know that something interesting lies beyond the doors, but  it is very rewarding when one is let in.  My own little rental has a small courtyard and a fountain with the restful sound of trickling water whenever I want it.  So, last night I made the acquaintance of my host Bobby and the charming lady who also lives on the property, Van.  I also met Charlie, Clara and Peluchita (I think!)  These were three very sweet dogs who live with Bobby.  Charlie is a pug who has delusions of grandeur.  He sits on his own miniature chair and eyed us with rather an aloof air.  Clara is a beautiful hound – a rescue dog – who instantly developed a deep affection for me and spent a good part of the evening licking exposed parts of my body.  Peluchita – her name means plush toy animal and I wonder if I have spelled it right, is one of those white fluffy lively little dogs who love to play.  All three doggies were quite interested in our delicious hors d’oeuvres but we managed to keep them to ourselves, selfish humans that we are.  Our last arrival was Jane who was accompanied by Kiko.  How to describe Kiko?  He is a beautiful cream color with faint traces of caramel on his face and back.  His ears are like those of a fox and his look is alert and intelligent.  He is about the size of a coyote and has something of that look about him.  He is adorable.  He is young.  He is vocal.  He is a lively dinner companion to say the least.  I was odd man out as I do not own a dog but the pooches all seemed to accept me very well.  The only missing muzzle was Barkley, Lindy’s dog who stayed at home to catch up on his tennis watching.    We had wonderful conversation – Bobby is a writer as is Jane and Van works in a book store and teaches part time and, of course, Lindy and I know each other and enjoy each others company.  Dogs and humans learned about each other, enjoyed laughing and playing together and . . . .the food.  . . was delicious. What a privilege to be welcomed into another San Miguel home and to make new friends – both two and four-legged.

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