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I really was trying for something a little more romantic than the street dogs of San Miguel but they seem to insist on muzzling in.  Today I went in search of vegetables and found an organic market peopled by many Mexican sellers and many Gringo buyers.  I managed to find onions, garlic and carrots and now can make a big pot of lentils (need tomato paste though) that I can dip into now and again.  These are the joys of living alone!  Anyway, there in the market were the animal rescue people with lots of nice dogs for adoption.  Well, they were nice until a very intelligent Border Collie showed up.  I had met him and his master in the Jardin – sort of town square the day before – magic San Miguel.  Here came the hero and all the rescue dogs started to bark and fight among themselves.  The handsome collie avoided them in a most dignified way, having foiled any adoption tendencies.  Those street doggies soon reverted to type.

To pacify my romantic tendencies, I post a view of the parish church – San Antonio – from my roof top.  Note the hammock.



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