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What have we here?

Water droplets, hard rime, soft rime, hoar frost, ice crystals,

winter around me.

The heart’s winter, hidden somewhat better.

“A white coating of ice crystals formed by sublimation of atmospheric water vapor on a surface”.  Thank you Britannica.

Yes, there was a sublimation.

“A deposit of needle-like crystals formed on the ground by direct condensation at temperatures below freezing point”. Thank you Wikopedia.

Direct condensation. Yes, a melting, a yielding.

“Liquid dew that freezes with a drop in temperature”. Thank you Websters

Certainly there was a drop in temperature.

Those water droplets of tears, that ice fog of misunderstanding.

Frozen yes, but never mind.

Only the outer surface shows a fleeting effect.

Blame Jack Frost.

It’s all his doing.

How beautiful he is, but deadly.

Boldly pinching new growth, immobilizing the shy vapour

Yes, needle -like it said in the dictionary,

the little flinch, the shock of the crystal’s sudden piercing.

Bear it, sit still for it is early morning.

Perhaps a little sun, a winter sun,

bright but with little warmth

Still might vanquish Jack.

Search a little more to find the meaning of this winter thing.


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