Path to morning


Montreal awakening under the heavy wet snow of December
And the little city garden steadfast, galant,waiting
Waiting for a glance, a sigh of wonder.
The city lamp-post presiding over the white lane and gate
Welcoming the birds and the old cat emperor.
My first step out onto the little back veranda
The happy surprise of sinking into heavy snow
My boot calling forth a sort of groan from the white expanse
And down the few steps into the white garden,
Bushes and trees, the fence, all crowned white
Holding up their elegant curve or proud head under the white crown
And day coming on fast against retreating night
A breeze tugging away at the perfect symmetry
Of the snow-laced fence. The lilac tossing
off her pale jewels in the circling air.
Good morning, garden. I will sigh in wonder

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