December light





Some some kind friends got together and gave me this book as a thank you gift quite a while ago. Heaven knows, I had done little enough for them.  They are women of great intelligence and energy who were quite able to become better museum guides than I will ever be.  Is that false modesty?  Of course, when we say better we have to look at scholarship, interest, ability to work in a group, memory, delivery , humour, interest in the visitors. . . Oh, I can hear them now. ” But she left out. . . ” so we all became good guides and the ” better” is nonsense.

The book is a brainstorming tool.  I read what I had written on one of the pages his morning and found just one phrase, just one phrase to use in something I am writing now and I wanted to say thank you to those women who gave me something that was really thoughtful.  I don’t see you very often and I will make an effort to do better.


It it is such a dark morning today.  I left the Christmas lights on for the little ones going by on the bus this morning.  But soon it will get sunnier and lighter.  In the meantime we have to be illuminated from within.  Those women lit a light within with this gift.  Thanks to them.

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