Magic cat



Your magic eyes, grave and calm
Look out from the cold little wall
Close to the church where that morning
I took my turn to chant aloud
The psalms, verse of the feast
And letter, oh, St Paul
How often have I tossed my head and rolled my eyes
At your stern scolding.
Yes, bossiness it seems to me, and yet
That day you told us
How to help each other, how to love.
The magic of words,
I must speak the words aloud
Standing alone, in the middle of the full church
My heart fast beating, knees a little weak
Around me the eyes of icons
And unbidden, magic cat
You appeared in my imagining
Even as I read aloud
You stared, willing me with those magic eyes
To chant correctly, navigate the dialogue with choir and deacon
Find the text in English, then in French.
Thank you, magic cat
Thank you for your calm, for your blue fur, for your ears

St. Paul, meet magic cat

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