Being Busy





Being  busy means drawing from the pace, from the combat, from the solution of “problems”, one’s personhood.  Being “busy” is drawing from victory, from juicy frustrations, even from the ineptitude of others, a certain satisfying it is to know, sincerely and without boasting, without ego, that you are cleverer, more effective than many others!  And because of that you take on more and more difficult challenges.  That makes you ” busy”.  Being “busy” becomes a habit, perhaps more, a compulsion.  The busyness starts when you open your eyes and ends when you fall totally exhausted into bed.  But often the busy mind wants to keep on being busy even in the dark bedroom with the leaves of the trees fluttering at the window.  So, the act of falling asleep becomes a “task” too.

Is is possible to renounce being “busy”.  Can one simply breathe, allow the body, the poor body, so neglected and dominated by the busy busy mind, to become heavy in the clean sheets and to sink into sweet uninterrupted sleep?  Is it possible to sit quietly in the garden without tidying up files, or weeding, or writing a blog?  One could try.

2 thoughts on “Being Busy

  1. Busyness is tricky! To learn to do nothing is a real challenge but extremely important. An old farmer once replied to someone who asked him what he does all day sitting in his rocker. He replied: “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits!”


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