Magnolias, at last






This beautiful tree  is two blocks from my home.  My own tulips are finally out and tomorrow is time for a full onslaught on my back yard.  It is blessedly quiet in my neighbourhood except for the sound of birdsong.  This evening the sky was a lovely color and the moon came out early bright and shiny.  I had been having a little dip in my spirits about my writing but thanks to the encouragement of two dear friends, I got into things with a vengeance this evening and discovered I have done over 20,000 words already on one piece that seems to be turning into a novel!  I had a good bash at it and also got the time line a bit better sorted out.  Luckily this week is not so frantically busy so I will have time to write more and study my Faberge.  Don’t you feel that Spring has come in at last?

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