Well, what do you think?




I’ve done 40 entries in this blog.  Shall I go on?  I certainly have plenty of other writing to do but something makes me like to do this too.  I really wanted to do this every day without missing even once.  Maybe this is a sign that I could write  a bit every day.  Instead of this, then, five pages  but five pages is a lot more than what I write every day.  Also, what I put in the blog are little snippets of what is going on around me.  Writing fiction requires creation not simply observation and reporting.  It doesn’t have to be either or, of course.  So, you tell me.  Should I keep on or not?  Oh, here the tulips because Spring finally arrived today.

3 thoughts on “Well, what do you think?

  1. Time to write that story that is just waiting to land on paper but is so far stuck inside you! One sentence, one paragraph, one page at a time!


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