Before and after





Because I contributed to the Easter flower fund at church, I got to take a potted plant home today.  I had already bagged a jasmine because I love that plant.  How modern horticulture can produce a jasmine that has no scent is beyond me but somehow they have managed it.  In my picture you can see what remains of a jasmine I got last year.  I wintered it in my laundry room and the poor thing is desperate to get outside.  If ever I see that big yellow thing in the sky again (what d’you call that. . . . oh, yes, the sun)  well, then these two will be put into a big pot and put outside.  I will fertilize it – I know the kind of fertilizer that makes flowers and not so many leaves – and I will put it in the sun and I will sing it Mediterranean songs and it will smell, damn it.  It will smell the intoxicating smell that jasmines are supposed to smell of.

Tomorrow I am going to a fancy lunch and I will put on a very smart suit that a kind friend gave me and go and pretend to be a fancy lady.  It is the semi-annual lunch of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where I am a guide.  I love guiding because it means I have to study like crazy and learn all sorts of things about art and then hold people in a sort of spell as I spout  learned things interspersed with just enough shocking or funny stuff to keep them interested.  I love being a guide and I hope I am one for years and years like some venerable guides who have given hundreds and thousands of hours to the Museum.  One of the best parts of being a guide is that you cannot possibly know everything and although I am pretty good at steering my groups to things I know something about, from time to time I enjoy the wonderful experience of being asked an obscure  question about which I know nothing.  I always congratulate them on having stumped me and promise to look it up (and I almost always do).  They are  very pleased and they look upon me with an indulgent smile as I wrack my brains to sound more intelligent at the next work.  What could be more satisfying than showing up the guide.  It is good for my humility too.  Next is Faberge.  All my friends are thrilled as the Romanov Dynasty has acquired a certain glamor, and people love to agonize over the fate of that doomed last family.  Fascinating stuff.  I have to be careful not to study for such things too early.  If I do that, by the time the exhibit comes, I forget some of it.  The last temporary exhibit I did was Venice which I loved.  The permanent collection is good to do too and I am going to guide the next unit which includes Contemporary.  I learned some works for the last time I guided it so now I will learn some others.  I’m beginning to feel much more comfortable with that collection than I did at first.  Rest well and have a good week.

As you can see, my angst over my worry is over.  What a drama queen I can be!  But as my dear friend says, “Sometimes there is drama and you’re justified.”  What a comfortable friend.

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