Just in under the wire






I promised one post one post a day for 40days -promised to myself as much as to my readers.  Unfortunately today I had something on my mind that worried me and prevented me from conjuring up anything very inspiring.  Some good things happened to me on this day, I must admit.  First, by mistake I went to a rather advanced class of Pilates and managed to get through it without totally disgracing myself.  I worked on the reformer machine which I quite like.  Then, in the afternoon, a nice young man who is the son of a friend came to look at my forlorn front yard.  He will transform it   — into what I am not quite sure but it cannot be much worse than what sulks outside my door now.  Even the weather was a bit better today with some sunny periods.  Still, it is amazing how some care or preoccupation can totally hold the mind captive and cast a pall over every activity.  I will sleep now and try to do better tomorrow.  I will try to find a beautiful image in any case.

There, I found a beautiful picture by Sisley, an Impressionist artist.  This always looks to me like the path down in Lachine close to my home.

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