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As you see,my tulips are really really trying.  We are due two days of sun as of tomorrow, so who knows?  Today I attended the semi annual luncheon of the Association of Volunteer Guides at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  I wore “the suit”.  I never wear suits and it seems people noticed.  How does one humbly say that I received several very complimentary remarks about “the suit”  The meeting that preceded the lunch was, as usual, efficient and orderly.  I truly admire people who know how to keep the books of such organizations, and who bravely explain things to a room full of intelligent and vigilant women (with a sprinkling of charming men too).  Really, if I had to do it, I’d run a mile.  To my surprise, a couple of people asked me about the fate of my stray cat.  Someone is reading this blog.  I must say to all of you who were too delicate to ask, I think she has passed on to a better world.  I really hope so.

The food at lunch was unusual and tasty and since I was traveling by Metro, I could have a couple of glasses of the very nice wine too.  It was fun to catch up with my friends, although the noise in the glass court where the meal was served was deafening.  The servers are very charming and I really enjoyed it.  I have a tentative date for Indian food with one of the other guides and since I think I have discovered a good place in Verdun, I will try to make that happen.  As I walked into the dining room today, I was struck by how many very clever people were there and how rich we are, in fact, to be able to pursue this wonderful pastime.  Many of the other guides are experts on various schools of art or different historical periods.  I am in awe sometimes.  I am going to guide a lot this summer and I hope it does not interfere too much with my writing.  Certainly tonight I am absolutely exhausted – or is that the effect of the wine – perhaps not.  I cannot string together another word and so will leave you with the promise of the tulips. Rest well, poppets.  Why do I have the feeling Dame Edna is in this house urging me to go and get my rest.  Hallucinating!

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