Easter Day


Today was a special day.  Usually I am running around for days before Easter preparing for a big feast at my house.  I have to clean the house and prepare tablecloths, serving dishes, treats for kids, wine for my guests.  I have to buy and cook a lot of food.  It’s a lot of work that I do willingly because I love Pascha.  This year many of my important guests, family members and friends of long standing, went away for a four day weekend.  I can’t say that I blame them given the awful winter we have had.  One other preoccupation I have  at this time of year is singing in choir.  There are services every night and on Good Friday three services.  There is a very long vigil on Saturday morning and then the beautiful triumphant midnight service.  After cleaning up after the communal supper after the service, I got home in pitch dark but the birds were just starting their morning song.  Not having my party meant that I had more time to think about my singing, to read, to consider what Easter means.  I was lucky enough to be invited by some friends for the Easter meal today.  They are so kind and I love them both.  It was strange to sit at the table and be waited on.  It was strange to engage in conversation with adults rather than run behind kids as they found my craftily hidden Easter eggs ( not too hard to find for the little ones, not too easy for the older ones).  It was strange to sip really really good wine and to nibble on hors d’oeuvres  that had nothing to do with my preparation skills.  I didn’t see one member of my family and yet it was OK .  The sun shone.  I got up after four hours of sleep simply because I have a hard time sleeping in. I made a short visit to an elderly friend and then set off to my friends’ house.  On the whole I liked it.  As soon as I let go of being in charge, everything was OK.


Oh, the picture?  Well, now that I’ve seen these on the clothes line, I really believe. . . It’s Spring!






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