In the boughs of my tree

I finally succumbed to Covid. For a couple of days I complained about a stuffed up nose. I felt uncharacteristically tired as I trailed across the hellishly hot parking lot of our local shopping centre. Was it some extreme hay fever brought on by the lush foliage of summer? Was I shamefully out of shape, diabetic, simply old? My three beloved grandchildren came to sleep over as they often do. I sent them home early ( unheard of!) as I was dog tired from not having slept well the night before. As soon as they left I fell asleep and awoke completely disoriented with a full on fever. A friend called. “ you sound like you have Covid.”, he said.

Whaat? Covid? Four times vaccinated, a veteran of dorm sleeping last fall on the Camino Frances….I couldn’t have Covid! I dug out a box of rapid tests and, sure enough … a positive result. Just goes to show you shouldn’t let your guard down. Who knows how or when I got it but the first 36 hours knocked me off my feet and into my bed where I slept in increments of three hours. Each time I woke up wondering if it was day or night. I was awoken by vivid dreams of my mother demanding that I fly immediately to British Colombia ( she’s been dead for ten years) or a totally convincing fire alarm that was only ringing in my dream. I read. I scrolled Facebook. I watched the start of ten lousy Netflix movies ( recommendations please) and today, the third day I feel better. So far none of my family show any signs of illness thank goodness.

My only annoyance is that I must self isolate. Tomorrow I will find out for how long. In the meantime I sit on my little balcony and read and hatch nefarious plans for “ when I am better”

Not an elegant tree but birds visit me here

3 thoughts on “COVID Jail

  1. Really sorry to hear that Covid has claimed you. It’s after 10 pm, nust read your post, so I will get in touch by phone tomorrow. 😘


  2. Them’s the breaks!
    If you have PRIME VIDEO a great thing to watch is THE MARVELOUS MRS MAISEL! Many seasons, great for binge watching!
    On NETFLIX a great movie is THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT. VIRGIN RIVER an easy watch series for binging. Will let you know when I come up with more choices!


  3. So sorry to hear you are down with the “Dreaded Lurgy,” as my parents call it! When we had Covid in March/April, I was surprised how nasty it was, even though we were all fully vaxxed. Hope you feel better soon and get back to your full strength to enjoy the rest of the summer! xx


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