The Northern Rain Forest

A Study in Greens

Elizabeth says if you wait for the sun around here, you’ll never go out. Yes, the rain forest isn’t just the Amazon. It’s the cool green giant trees reaching up, falling, rotting, feeding other life. The mosses and lichens play out their seasons as the cool soft rain and the sea winds keep everything slow cooking.

One species shared soil and light with another
Here and there a little vibrant color, if you look hard enough
A banana slug with his raincoat

I walked about ten kilometres in the rain, something I would never have done in the noisy city. The rain didn’t seem like an enemy, just part of the day.

3 thoughts on “The Northern Rain Forest

  1. It is an immense blessing to be able to immerse yourself in nature as you are doing! On the other coast I too am watching as nature moves forward with a steady pace. The Lupins seem to grow taller right in front of my eyes and little things I planted last year have returned to bring me joy: morning glories, tiny pansies, and of course mint which does not wait for an invitation!


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