Pacific North West

On my morning walk

Not often I glimpse a view of the Rockies when out for my walk. My daughter’s home on Vancouver Island offers this treat. I walk down beside the swift-flowing Oyster river until it joins the Straight of Georgia. It was quite muddy in spots as it rained heavily in the night but the high winds forecast did not appear.

Winter’s work

Some of the path runs very close to the river and I’ve always been leery of the footing there. Turns out my instinct was right as a whole section had sheared off complete with some trees.

Raspberry flowers
Life from decay
Bluebells. Old favorites that I never see in Quebec

It’s very different here. Like a strange country.

3 thoughts on “Pacific North West

  1. Lovely Isabel, I do hope you are keeping well. Our summer is slowly trying to break out between the gales and the rain. I haven’t gone anywhere yet. Planning still goes on but sometimes life gets in the way. However I am going hiking the french route again for charity with Multiple Sclerosis once more. But I still considering the Coastal Portuguese route when I can fit it in. Always nice to hear from you and your beautiful descriptions of nature. Best regards Ellie


  2. Iso, that is so beautiful and the nicest thing of all is that there is no work to do. Have a lovely time. Ee are off and running, God willing, on Thursday. We’ll touch base when you get home.❤️



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