A coming-out party

At last leaves emerge

The little leaf casings are sticky. The still folded leaves are as soft and smooth as velvet. The grass is green thanks to recent rain but the rushes beside the pond are still last-year’s pale straw. Only they remember the first hard frosts of last fall, the dark clear nights when only the stars circled overhead. The winter was long, cloudy and icy underfoot.

A muskrat in Angrignon Park

But all the life that was suspended, seemingly gone forever is coming out into the daylight.

A real robin’s egg. Not candy, not a toy but a real robin’s egg that I found on a high bluff where no one walks. Somewhere there is a chick, and a mother robin nurturing this new life.
Blood Root – first to emerge from dead leaves
Trout Lily named for its leaves spotted like a river trout.

Unbelievable as it seems I saw a red butterfly in a quiet section of the woods over a week ago. A week ago it was dark and cold at night. Sometimes it seemed to me that we were all under some winter spell and that we would never feel warm or complain that it was “ too hot.” But it is the coming out party for all nature… and here is the master of ceremonies.

3 thoughts on “A coming-out party

  1. Your words, your photos, your reflections put a huge smile on my face and give a little break from the other brutal images and words that fill our eyes and hearts every day!


    • Thank you Masha. It is just what I see around me . Of course there are other dark realities all over the world but more and more I believe nature never lets us down. Unlike us, flawed humans, it goes quietly about its own affairs. I am so grateful just to be able to stand in the wings and watch.


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