At the sea , at the sky, at the rocks

Sitting at the end…the beginning of the world

When I came into the Cathedral square on Sunday afternoon I was wet and cold. The sky was grey. The baroque roof line of the cathedral looked like an unfamiliar jumble to me. My Camino was over yet all I wanted to do was get into a warm shower and put on dry clothes. To ad insult to injury I got diverted by some traffic divisors (shades of Montreal) and came in through an alternate entry, completely missing the famous bagpiper.

Yesterday made up for that however. My friend, Chris welcomed me at the albergue and asked if I would like to come with her the next day on a bus tour to the coast. Now, some stalwarts walk another three days but we were both quite ready to put ourselves in the hands of a commercial tour guide and see the sights in comfort.

We stopped at this pretty village
The sky kept changing with new beauty from moment to moment
The sun came out for Finisterre
We stopped here, where a waterfall tumbled into the sea

But for me the wonder of the day was Muxia where ancient Celtic legends merge with stories of St. James. The turquoise underplay of waves, the sound of surf, the huge rocks, many with local beliefs of healing properties all made me want to stay. At last I felt the satisfaction of having walked day after day to reach my goal. I remembered the kindness and fellowship of fellow pilgrims and looked far out to the horizon, realizing that I could keep this wonder with me forever,

Many faces from along the Camino

8 thoughts on “At the sea , at the sky, at the rocks

  1. Isobel, it was such a privilege to travel with you via your daily updates! Thanknyou for sharing your Camino journey with us! May your heart be filled with the Goodness and blessings of your pilgimage for many weeks to come! God bless you!!


  2. I feel for you – the exhilaration of reaching Santiago followed closely by and the the realisation that it is now all over !!Where next Rome to Istanbul or simply the road down Italy to Rome? Two BBC series following these trails-check them out if possible. I’m so thrilled that you managed the whole trail – especially before the weather set in for winter. You can now return home and settle down to the cold canadian winter but planning your next sortie out into the world


  3. Oh Iso, I am so happy for you and I love all your pictures but especially the one of you sitting on the rocks with your red jacket on and with the sea is the background. A far cry of where you have been trekking. It must be a rather bittersweet ending: So happy to have done it but now wondering what the next challenge will be. Hopefully, you will give that one a bit of time and you will come home and enjoy your lovely grandchildren during the yucky winter months. Georges and I look forward to seeing you and maybe Mara, Arianthi, and Lilly will grace us with their presence too. I am not sure when you are coming home but we are on our way up north until Sunday and so I will wish you a Happy Birthday now so I can be done with it (haha). No, seriously, Happy Birthday on the 31st. We are in awe (as the Americans like to say) of you. Safe trip home or maybe you will stay a little longer just to enjoy the sights. Love MP



    • I am going for my Covid test ( pray to all the plague saints) and leaving for France Friday. Then home Saturday. Today I went on one of those little tourist trains…how are the mighty fallen but I was fed up of searching for souvenirs for the kids. Thanks for your kind words. Can’t wait to see everyone


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