So excited!

Look what I got!

Yes 779 km
Elizabetham? It has to be in Latin!

Ok so forget all that pessimistic stuff from before! This totally makes up for it. I was told it was such a how do you do to get this thing but a kind young man filled out all the info and look, all done!

12 thoughts on “So excited!

  1. Yeah you. Now I have to put my 8 years of Latin to work and try to translate it. OR is it in Spanish. I can’t read it or seem to make it bigger.What an accomplishment which deserves to be framed once you get home. Congratulations, Kiddo, you deserve it.Have yo actually finished yet or do you have a few more Ks to go?



  2. I have enjoyed every footstep on your journey and wished i was there with you. Many many congratulations and ‘blessings ‘ on your achievement-


  3. Your Spanish name..?. Congratulations, assuming that you are all done. What is your programme here on. Walking to Paris or sit on the top of a railcard like the new pilgrims

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