Setting off and arriving

Leaving town early

It was not so cold today. I liked the little town. There was a transplanted Texan who opened for breakfast and apologized for not having tortillas ready. Coffee and toast with chopped tomatoes and oil were fine for me.


Nobody had talked much about the descent into Ponteferrada. Maybe they didn’t want to scare us.

Kilometres of this made me slow
Rewarded with pretty villages on the way though

Finally I got into Ponferrada, a large and busy town with a huge Templar’s castle

My lunch guest

It was only about 2 km out of town to my very modern and nice albergue. I will do another 20 km tomorrow minus the crazy mountain descents to Villafranca. Gave a poor fellow pilgrim CBD cream for her feet. She says she will do 30 km tomorrow. I can’t imagine. What did I like best today? Alone time in a beautiful natural setting!

6 thoughts on “Setting off and arriving

  1. That picture of the early morning mist and the sun coming up on the horizon is beautiful. You will have to make a scrapbook. I can’t talk. I am very busy trying to get my garden to bed and coping with too many visitors. Your down time sounds sooooo good but please don’t turn into a hermit or we will never see you again. When are you coming home? I can’t imagine 18 Ks let alone 30 Ks and with sore feet to boot (Sorry, couldn’t resist). I have to go and make a cobbler. Denys, a very old friend, is coming for dinner. He placed his 67 year old wife in a very fancy, expensive place (the Waldorf) where they look after her very well. So they should with the money spent. She has advanced Alzheimers and Denys is a train wreck. He is now eating compulsively, always had trouble with his weight, but now must be 70 lbs overweight. I am afraid he will keel over with a heart attack. How are your knees holding out by the way? Happy trekking,love you, MP >


  2. Yes Isobel, its a pretty tough descent .the castle is lovely , we went in for the tour around and stayed in the li y hostal beside it hostal virgen de Encina its called I think but beautiful scenery. Your doing great x Ellie


  3. That trail down looked VERY precarious. It must be suicidal when it is wet. How are your knees doing? Are they swollen much? Or just bruised? Stiff at all? You are missing the Habs vs the Leafs tonight – 1-1 at the end of the first. So much less dramatic than a pilgrimage. Although, the guy who loved Columbus was certainly a hockey puck, eh?

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  4. Hello Isobel,
    What lovely weather you have .You are so lucky. And how far you came!
    Now I am sure you will make it til the end.Tommorow or the day after you will enter Galicia! Ultreia!


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