You can take the boy out of the country…

This is how a garden is made! Jump over the fence behind the apartment we are renting, scrape with a borrowed rake, run for bags of earth, pepper plants, artichokes, lettuce, onions, broccoli, strawberries(!) hack with a hand pick and add to the pile of stones at the base of a slope bordering this empty lot. Now, plant…..muttering curses that it is very late to plant potatoes…….in they go just the same. 

Now every morning the plot is watered and we wait and watch. It is February after all.

One thought on “You can take the boy out of the country…

  1. Finished with the sight seeing. Now back to work.Hope your landlord appreciates.Will be a topic of conversation: How these Canadians took over our land!Snow, freezing rain, rain freezing rain and than back to snow. That is what is predicted.It is raining presently.Enjoy.


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