Climb the tree


I tried tried get rid of some books yesterday.  The conclusion is that I will buy some more bookshelves and concentrate on getting rid of clothes and bulky furniture.  I will arrange my books in order of subject matter too.  To my surprise I seem to have acquired quite a few books on world religions and I resolve to take  another shot at the Bhagavad Gita.

Today I went to church after a long absence.  It was the Sunday of Zacchaeus.  If you don’t know about him, you can find the story in Luke, chapter 19 verses 1 to 10.  He was a rich and therefore powerful man but he was short and so couldn’t see what was going on.  He had to climb up into a tree, a sycamore tree, so he could “see who Jesus was”.  I always love that detail about the sycamore tree.  That’s the mark of a good writer – observation and attention to detail.

So all these books about Zen and the Koran, perhaps they are the branches of my tree of enlightenment.  In understanding I often come up short and so must find some vantage point.  Better hurry up or I’ll close my eyes and then all really will be revealed.

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