Keep the Faith



Remember that saying from way back?  Too far back for some you, right?  How about, “Hang in there!”  Persistence, I guess that’s what it boils down to.

I cut this branch of lilac from the tree in my backyard on a dismal and grey day when the mist looked suspiciously like tiny snowflakes and a brisk wind convinced me that Spring just wasn’t going to show up.  The buds on the little tree were there, alright but they were firmly shut.  I could hardly blame them.  Nothing encouraging going on in the sky or in the cold ground.

After two days in a little vase from my grandmother’s house they are opening up.  The scent is faint but unmistakable.

The weather has turned.  It is sunny, still a little cool but with a forecast of warm days ahead.  The other blooms on the tree will come out, unfurl, open and spread their fragrance down the little city lane for birds, cats, dogs and people to enjoy for a few moments.

A nice metaphor that I will not belabour.  Leave things alone, Isobel.  All will come right.

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