Youth and Hope




I’m sure Adam grumbled to Eve about how the younger generation had totally gone off the rails and that there was no hope for them.  When you come to think of it, he did have a bit of a point…Cain and Abel, you know? This is a theme with us more mature types.  We were complained about and now it is our turn to complain.  However, I’ve had the opportunity recently to be in in the company of some young artists.  Last weekend, on a whim I went to see what a couple of young people were doing when they asked people to come and sing lullabys for a recording they were making.  Who would show up for such an invitation  and what would be done with  these recordings of ordinary people singing lullabies?  The notice directed interested people to go to a ” trailer near Atwater Market”. What a vague address!  And yet, I found it and went in and  found two gentle young people who put the few of us who showed us at ease and quite naturally we all sang some brief snatch of song that could hypnotize a baby into sleep.  I’ll tell you later this year what happens with this odd and gentle project.

Now, I’ll introduce you to the artist who produced the pictures you see above.  Her name is Edith Cambrini. I met her at a writers’ group that was held at our public library.  She was a writer, I thought.  Turns out she is a painter and a photographer  too.  She invited me to her vernissage and there were many other young people there. She has the courage to make her living with her art   If any of you want to decorate your world with beauty drop by and have a look at her Facebook page.

How wonderful it is that there is a whole new generation coming up that has faith in writing and painting and song.  Makes even an old stick like me have hope.

4 thoughts on “Youth and Hope

  1. How wonderful that you make time to do things like going to an old trailer on Atwater to sing lullabies and enjoying the creativity of those around us!


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