Love at Work




I told you I was cleaning up.  Now, could you throw this out, sell it for $10. or take it to the Salvation Army?  No, neither can I.  So, I have to find a spot for it on some wall or other.  The kitchen or dining room would be best but given the title, maybe the bedroom?  It says on the bottom of the print “Eros in Action” but I like my title better. There’s so much in this picture…the border and the title written up on top.  Then there’s the unsuspecting couple, the lonely guy smoking his solitary evening away and Eros, a young and simple fellow bringing his gift…his gift of madness, of ecstasy.  I love the setting too, the evening announcing mysterious night when so much can happen, the homely flower pots and the gentle trees shielding the mortals from the sea.

This is a print.  The artist is Thomas Tsironis and it was painted on wood.

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