Nobody told the Bees



It will snow in two days time but yesterday my crocuses were invaded by bees.  They even tried to get up into an innocent snowdrop. Can you see the three bees in the picture? They’re quite small and I wonder if they are Mason Bees.  Now I’m showing off that I know about different types of bees, but of course, I don’t know much. Trivia Queen!  I know they are small and that they don’t make real hives.  Mason bees are like the shy insignificant cousin you never really got to know and bumble bees are like those big old flashy aunties who give  you big kisses and ten dollars when it’s your birthday.

I found  a caterpillar yesterday too when I was “cleaning up” the yard.  It was one of those black and brown fuzzy ones.  I put him safe in some dried up grass and twigs.  Hope he sirvives the snow.  April tomorrow.  How much longer can it be?  Bee kisses to all.

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