Giveaway on Goodreads



The continuing saga of marketing!  Book publishing and promoting has a steep learning curve, but it can be fun!  I don’t dabble in Goodreads too much.  I have lists and lists of books I want to read but, I must say, Goodreads is an interesting website if I want to see what’s new in the reading world and what my friends are recommending.  One very interesting feature is the publisher or author giveaway.  As soon as I understood the principle, I jumped on this opportunity to get my book out into the world. So, for the next seven days, my signed book will be eligible for a free delivery to five lucky people that Goodreads chooses in a sort of lottery at the end of the week.  So, bloggers, blog readers, poetry lovers, get your name in there and I hope I’ll soon be wrapping and sending a brand new signed copy of my book to you.  Even if you are one of my already devoted fans ( just kidding) and you already have a copy of my book, enter the lottery and win it as an unusual gift for family or friends…enemies?? Check out Goodreads, the giveaway section and off you go!  Of course, if you can’t leave anything to chance, just get on the AMAZON site and put in your order.

Happy Christmas to all celebrating with the Julian calender.  Happy name day to John, Joanna, Fotini, Clare and ……..happy name day to everyone.  Your name is special and blessed every day.

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