Snow Blossoms



We wanted it , we grumbled that we had to endure a “green Christmas” and now here it is.  Snow…. It is inconvenient.  It is tiresome to shovel and search for parking spots.  The veranda roof of the floor above me has just the right slope to ensure that great chunks of snow and ice will crash down without warning. I envision the mail lady draped on my steps, having been cracked on the head by a large block of ice.  And yet….and yet, there is such beauty all around me because of this inconvenient, messy, uncontrollable snow.  So, I had better make the best of it, open my eyes and take pleasure in what the snow gives me.

2 thoughts on “Snow Blossoms

  1. When I lived in a part of the country that routinely got snow I was always annoyed when it came, now that I live in an area that gets 1-2 inches a year I miss it terribly. That photo is absolutely breath taking. Enjoy the snow, even if it is inconvenient it is always a little bit enchanting.


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