Tell me what you see


Isn’t this an intriguing image?  Yesterday a group of guides from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts went on a day trip to Joliette.  This is a small town about an hour’s drive from Montreal but to my embarrassment I have never explored it.  We visited the old centre of the town where a modern and totally contemporary museum sat close to the cathedral and old seminary ( now a CEGEP).  The museum exhibited a wide variety of artifacts from ultra modern art to medieval pieces.  I wonder how many of my readers will be able to identify some items in the picture.

After a leisurely lunch overlooking the weir and windng river we visited the beautiful cathedral.  Depictions of the mysteries of the rosary by Ozias Leduc were one beautiful feature of the cathedral.  Some of us had fun identifying Old Testament stories from the many gorgeous stained glass panels.  Samson tumbling the pillars of the pagan temple was easy but we never did figure out what that snake twisted around a staff was.  I must admit I have a tendency to drift away from guided tours ( oops).  I am one of those annoying visitors who drift off and come back to ask the question the guide just addressed.

One thing I love about these trips is being driven around in a cushy bus.  Most of the time I have no idea what highway I’m on,  or when I will arrive at the destination.  The rather quaint habit of the drivers lightly steadying my elbow as I trip down from the bus is the crowning touch. I feel like Queen Elizabeth the first.  I expect him to doff his teal blue  uniform coat and spread it before me on the rotting leaves of November so that my dainty ( ha!) tootsies don’t slip.  I just love being driven around.

Sooo……what do you see in the picture? Hmmm?

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