You are cordially invited…..


to a book sale and signing at St. Mary’s Hospital Library. Date : November 19 from noon to 14hrs. I want to thank our librarian M. Gilles Teasdale for his kindness and encouragement in allowing me to hold this event. My book of poetry is priced at $15 and I will be happy to sign a copy with a special dedication to all my work colleagues. For those of you unable to attend, the book is available on Amazon and there are plans for another event at another venue in December. If you do decide to buy the book on Amazon, please do so next Wednesday, November 11 as I am aiming for a high sales day which will put me on a special page with Amazon. ( who knew? ) Oh, and write reviews too pretty please. Thanks to everyone for your support and ….see you at the book table! Isobel

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