Ripening up



Today I hear many little birds and see them fluttering in the leaves of the grape vine out back. The flowers of late summer are coming on now, gladiolii, sunflowers and apples are starting to fall from my little tree. Their faint sweet, vinegary smell attracts small wasps. Ripening up to autumn and today a blessed quiet day at home with no noise but the chirping and fluttering of the little birds. Reading an author who is new to me, Elizabeth Hay and here’s a hopeful line spoken by an old character. Gives me something to look forward to: ” A tender, tender thing comes over you when you get this old. It’s a marvellous thing when you learn how to live. As my mother said, you give over.” Still waiting, of course, but it is good to know that there is perhaps a little enlightenment down the road. She is a good writer and the book is ” Alone in the Classroom”

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