Morning garden


It is very satisfying to hang clothes on the line after an early morning shower. The sky is quite clear and they will hang for a few hours and be reeled in dry as board, the towels rough and the underwear bleached white. The garden is still dripping. I noticed some morning glories. Mine always come late in the summer. I wonder why it is that we love them but scorn their white cousins, convolvulus and rip,them out as weeds. Floral racism, I guess. Wonderful how that true purple sits so well with the red of my first crop of tomatoes. Who would think to wear such a color combination and yet what is purple but red with a little blue mixed in.

See my lily finally came out. There is something very sexy about this picture and I leave you to figure that out for yourselves. My white lily did not appear so I will have to get another one. I thought of it as my Gabriel Lily and I am vexed to think that some damned squirrel or racoon got it. I hope it gave him a stomach ache.

Last picture of a strange and wonderful insect ( I hope it is not that that is spoiling one of my favorite roses). Anyway, he is waiting to see if I really will have a sunflower this year.

Off to get ready to be a guest……and then be a host tomorrow. Summer is lovely in that way. Flitting around like shimmery-winged insects.



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