The beauty of insects


We’re always swatting them away, spraying them, destroying their nests and yet they are very beautiful and absolutely necessary. Why do we love butterflies and despise these little guys. Of course, it is annoying to us to have flies buzzing around our food, in our houses or hovering over the pic nic. This little guy sat quietly for me to take his picture in the morning sun. If you are able to zoom in on him you will see that he has an emerald thorax and that the rest of his body is golden. His transparent wings have little black bars like racer stripes. How beautiful he is. I don’t want to swat him or spray him. Just take his picture and think about him. Now, mosquitoes are a whole other matter. Wasps? Hmm not quite sure.

For those of us not in love with winged friends, the hopeful flox. So faithful and welcome right about now. Love how the little buds promise to do well this week. How still it is, not a lead stirring. A soft day to all.


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