New visitors



The past few days have been changeable. We had a little sun but lots of rain and grey skies. How surprised I was, then to see the poppies out this morning. When do they unfurl, I wonder, in the dark night even if rain is falling? That yellow columbine is a newcomer as is the pink rose. Both were only planted last fall. I almost pulled out the columbine as a weed, a fate which befell a magnificent poppy a few years ago. It is sad to say goodbye to the lovely irises. They don’t stand up well to rain, but we have to remember that many flowers love cool wet weather and so we gardeners get our little rewards even if we can’t always sit out and welcome in the newcomers. They just appear as I am wondering if it is safe to hang out washing, or just as I sweep up the seedlings or disturb the stray cats who seem to have developed a great fondness for a particular folding chair. The rusty black cat with the crooked tail has certainly sat there more than I have. Good luck to him. Maybe it’s he who calls out the new blooms.



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