First things

This is the very first bloom of a clematis that I planted last year.  I have anger one that makes very deep purple flowers and I put something lighter would be nice next to it.  I searched all over for a white one but had no luck.  This shy little one will be fine, I think.  I like how it’s hiding behind some tender leaves.  Tender?  Thing have to pretty tough to battle the ferocious weeds that have spring up out of the lately frozen plot that is my city lot.  Next door they are cutting stone …a most grievous racket.  How long can it take to totally pave over a ten by ten yard?  A $@😩😫@$. Looooong time, trust me!!! I I fear my new born chicks will fly the coop.  Never mind I will concentrate on my flowers.  Life in the city imagel

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