I really didn’t mean to look


it was just a casual glance out of the kitchen window but to my bashful delight I caught a pair of cardinals mating.  The ecstatic moment took place on my newly repaired grape arbour…what an inauguration!  I could hardly believe my eyes and although it didn’t take very long( you’ll have to work on your technique, boyo) there was no mistaking what was going on.  Mlle soon flew off.  I do like her.  She is not so flashy and actually looks a bit sinister.  He stuck around to show off a little longer.  I took down some solar flashing lights in hopes of giving all the birds around here some darkness( read privacy) at night.  I saw a measly sparrow checking out my bird house yesterday.  I have never had a tenant even though it’s been up for at least 5 years.  Anyway, the neighborhood certainly is perking up.  Now if only……oh, never mind.

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