a tree on her way to a wedding




What  a long time since I wrote in here!  I have been a bit overwhelmed since my return from Mexico.  It was like walking into a black and white movie when you’ve been living inTechnicolor for weeks.  I started working at the hospital part time which meant that all I wanted to do on the weekends was lie down in a dark room!  Anyway, although there is still plenty to do, I can once again notice my surroundings and accept their own beauty instead of hankering after bougainvillea.  Take this picture for instance.  Isn’t the tree lovely with her pink facinator?  The trick about sky pictures is that everything changes so fast.  You never can tell when a cloud will change from a luminous wonder to a modest little grey or white everyday cloud.  Not that I,have anything against that kind, but, it is just as well to be prepared.  Happy weekend everyone.  Lift up your eyes and enjoy the beauty.

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