A few sights around town.


The sunsets in San Miguel are justly famous.  I saw many beautiful and quite astonishing sights.  I never dreamed of seeing papayas in a tree.  The passerby who smiled  at my puzzlement  and managed to tell me that papayas do not have a remarkable flower ( it was a combination of instinct, intuition and five common words that allowed us to get ideas across) went on her smiling way leaving me to gape in wonderment.  How ever do they get such big fruit down without smashing it?  I finally saw an artist painting a picture right out in the street and a man caning chairs next to the fountain.  He graciously allowed me to take his picture.  I spent the afternoon at the swimming pool puzzling how one can be burning hot in the sun and cool and shivery in the shade.  The altitude?  I have not written much latelyin this blog as I am writing other things and reading Anita Brookner.  I have read two of her books and that is quite enough.  She is very witty but there is a modern sort of sadness that is a little too familiar for comfort.  One week left.  That makes me feel Anita Brookner- ish.  Enjoy the pictures.

image  image

2 thoughts on “A few sights around town.

  1. thanks for sharing this, Isobel, just the right pick-me-upper I needed today;-) Love the artist, and a good one, too. He must have come before to start such a big painting, lucky lad!
    Enjoy your vacay!


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