What’s in a name?


In the neighborhood of San Antonio is a mysterious blue door.  A sign, Pannos leads me to peek in.  A wonderful aroma of baking bread, a shaded courtyard, a welcoming mother and daughter who sell wonderful, wonderful bread.  It’s a good thing I’m walking a lot in San Miguel because I could eat nothing but the great creations that come out of the mysterious kitchen beyond the courtyard, beyond the little shop.  After a few visits I get to ask the question that has been niggling, pestering me.  What’s with the Greek lettering, the Greek feel to the name?  Turns out the baker is actually a philosopher by training and she was evoking the spirit of her studies to help her be a success.  Also, the Spanish for bread is pan and Mom explained that there is a sort of pun( on pan, love it!).  If I understood correctly it means our bread. Pan-nos..get it?  What at a great find, right around the corner!


Last night I attended a poetry reading hosted by my great teacher of last year, Judyth Hill.  Her students read wonderful pieces in a lovely airy setting.  As usual I got inspired by this lady and am now torn between my poor novel which has languished since my arrival in San Miguel.  Poetry or the long screed.  What a dilemma.  Almost as bad as choosing cheese bread or olive with oregano!

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