Bride in a pick – up truck



But not just any pick-up.  Notice the floral decorations and what a shiny new model it is.  Yesterday, Saturday, was the day for weddings in San Miguel.  This one took place in the big ” parochia” of San Miguel the archangel.  Some people mistakenly call it the cathedral but since San Miguel is not officially a city, it’s just another parish church.  However, it is the fanciest, the most famous and iconic so, I guess it’s a big deal to get married there.  This bride’s dress had a long train held up by a very serious-looking young man.  Her dad was wearing an impressive  cowboy hat and her mum was in a long formal sparkly gown.  Weddings here are the moment to shine.  In my own neighborhood of San Antonio there were two evening weddings and I caught a glimpse of the reception in the parish hall across the street.  A mariachi band was in full force.  Mariachi singers, I notice, are fearless.  Sometimes the notes are afraid of them and slide away but there is always a hot horn or a few sweet violins to haul up the melody.   I learned last night that fire crackers are a part of wedding festivities.  I learned it all evening and at two am and again at six am.  The morning volley was long!  I did manage to get back to sleep but then the gas truck came by at 8 am.  The gas canisters jolt along in back of a truck that blasts music with a voice-over exhorting people to rush out and exchange their empty canisters for full (shades of Alladin)  A night like last night certainly encourages the notion of siesta and think I might indulge this afternoon.  Will be attending a symphony concert this evening.  I specifically bought a ticket to hear the Rimsky Korsakoff Easter piece but on the latest poster they are advertising among other things a Mendelshon Hebredies concerto!  They appear to have dropped my favorite.  That’s Mexico, I guess.  I am interested to see what the inside of the concert hall looks like.

San Miguel sunsets are justly famous.  No photo ever does justice but here is a pale image.  Just add firecrackers and serve.  This was taken from the roof terrace.



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