Nature and Culture



This morning I took a cab which cost me less than five dollars to a nature reserve high above the town of San Miguel.  I went on a bird walk with some Canadians and Americans who certainly had a better idea of what they were looking at than I did.  The big standout for me was the vermillion fly catcher.  Look it up.  Such a wonderful red color.  Even I could not miss it!  Part of the reserve is a wet land section and I saw ducks and an egret and a bird called a stilt because he stands on one leg.  We saw a shrike ( you can look that one up too) and goldfinch.  Hmm… I guess I did see a lot of birds, after all.  I liked being out of town, breathing the quiet air and murmuring along with people of my age and interests.  The landscape is thorny and full of cactus.  I will go up there again for a tour of the plants.  This little tree decorated with earthenware eggs is a memorial to the students recently disappeared and feared killed.  No one talks much about this in our artsy town so I was glad to see this and add my own little prayer


In in the afternoon I had my second lecture of poetry by prof Kenneth Graham.  He is a prof from Guelph University who specializes in poetry up to the 20 the century.  To my great joy he explanned some John Donne and recited a long bit out of the prologue of the Canterbury Tales.  Getting ready for the conference!  So here. I am in the hammock pondering on sonnets.  This is the life!


In the picture below we are on a ledge overlooking a stream.  Behind us is a reservoir where pin tail ducks and other water birds winter over.



3 thoughts on “Nature and Culture

  1. Oh! la grande voyageuse. Ça fait du bien de lire ton texte. Ça apporte un peu de soleil, le chant des oiseaux, des couleurs.
    Bonne poésie.


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