Mexican Graffiti



I promised my my readers graffiti for the month of January but it was so dreadfully cold that I posted precious little.  Now, I find myself surrounded by some pretty spectacular examples and I will try to give you a sample in the next few days.  This one, beautifully accessorized with bougainvillea is at the end of my street where my friend is kindly putting me up until my rental is vacant.  Yesterday was was a long day of travelling and it was bure bliss to sink into her preternaturally soft pillows and fall, fall like a stone into dark water and sleep until 8 o’clock.   I am relearning the San Miguel walk which consists of keeping your eyes on the ground and gauging whether you or the person approaching in the other direction will step off into the road.  If there is something of interest I stop walking for fear of a tumble over the cobblestones.  Last year I saw quite a few gringos and gringas getting about on crutches or with casts.  I am trying to avoid that fate. The other picture I am posting is of Toller Cranston’s door.  You may have heard that he died a few days ago.  On Monday it will be Candalaria ( Candlemas Day) and the flower merchants have their festival.  Everyone buys plants and the growing season begins.



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