When it’s like this. . . . You eat this!




So here we go – sidewalks like skating rinks, car doors frozen ( no worries, I am used to getting in by the hatchback which thank heavens has never frozen on me yet).  What did I see on my wandering in the city yesterday?  People slithering around in running shoes, people braving 60 km winds with no hat, people trying to get their cars off an ice spot with no salt or ice tracks, people with ” shortie jackets” that end at the waist.  Exposed skin when he bent over to pick up a bus pass that had dropped from his exposed fingers. . . gloves?  Mais pour quoi?  OK I admit to a certain old fogey pride in wearing crampons over my already formidable boots.  They are lined with velvet so right up to my knees I am. . . yes, warm!  My parka has an interior belt that draws the garment close to my body.  The sleeves have knitted cuffs, the hood is spacious and lined with fur so that when the howling wind picks up I peer out with a stern face and pretend I am an intrepid Innuit waiting for my hunter husband to appear. . . .when, in fact it’s just the bus that is a bit late.  Normally I would have stayed at home but a medical appointment I had waited over a month for forced me out.  This is winter!  Let’s deal with it.  I am thankful that the price of gas is low so that running my old rattletrap every six hours just to be sure it will turn over when I have to beat a hasty retreat from snow ploughs is not such a painful exercise as it might be.  Burning a little gas outside my home is better than calling CAA.  There is one consolation, however, lentils.  Just that little spoonful of black pepper makes all the difference. . .and the turmeric. . .and the garlic. . .and. . . Oh well, go make your own and enjoy!  Be safe everyone.



2 thoughts on “When it’s like this. . . . You eat this!

  1. Happy Lent-illing! Love, JT


    Archpriest JOHN TKACHUK 914-222-9025 home phone 914-999-0480 cellular phone

    949 PALMER RD #1F; BRONXVILLE NY 10708



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