Neighbourhood graffiti




Ah, here people will start to turn up their noses.  This little piece is 2 blocs from  my home.  I always feel happy and safe when I see that orange glow and the little spaceship and the child? Hero? below.  Some of the work which is as long as the house it is painted on, is a little tagg-ish, if there is such a term.  Elaborate graffiti tags, modern calligraphy one might call them, have never appealed much to me.  I don’t tend to stop and absorb the narrative of the wall painting when it is made up of tags, no matter how elaborate they may be.  Maybe I should make a more conscious effort to examine this kind of work more closely.  We admire Arabic calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy, after all.  As you see, there is a commercial aspect to this work.  A name and telephone number invites us to commission our own work.  Should I, I wonder?  What would the neighbors say?


Water image for today:  the sky steel-grey, persistent, dense fine snow particles hurtle down from a loaded sky to the cold earth.  The wind veers the little  granules here and there in straight lines.  The sun is utterly forgotten in the onslaught of fine barely-frozen moisture.  A man dutifully takes his dog for a walk.  The dog would much prefer to be sitting by the fire but his master, his training, his habits, his insatiable nose urge him on.  The air smells of moisture, deadening the other facinating smells.  He looks up curiously at his master with his large brown eye, moist and glassy.  They turn the corner by the house with the graffiti and the dog catches sight of his steps, his door, his home



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