Looking at you



I came upon a stunning wall of graffiti a couple of years ago when I was visiting the Eco Center.  It’s located in an industrial part of my pretty down- home neighbourhood.  The Eco Center is facinating.  Ours has us drive up a slope, a youngster in a booth checks our ID to be sure we really live in the area and that we’re not just hauling junk from all over the city to get rid of in our own little corner of lost junk.  There are super big containers just at the level of the parking spaces.  Some builders and do-it-yourselfers back up their pick ups and dump loads of wood, plaster,glass into the dumpsters with a resounding and satisfying crash.  I’m always afraid to back up in case I back right up into the dumpster!  There’s a table for empty paint cans and a little hut for electronic stuff like TV’s.  As one drives down the slope to the exit, there’s a sort of shop where people can take away stuff that is salvaged from the bins.  As I drove out I  gasped at the wonderful wall of graffiti.  I drove around the building and found spectacular stuff.  Besides the typically comic strip characters of mad doctors and busty nurses, there were moody pieces like these.  I jumped out of my car to try to figure out what this street art gallery was.  A guy was having a cigarette break in the doorway you see here and I asked him about it.  Seems this is the canvas for graffiti artists who come from all over to compete every summer.  Last week I was sad to see my mad doctor with his swarm of pills around his head totally painted out.  These  haunting faces remained.  Enjoy.oh, Happy and Healthy New Year!



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