This machine is irritating me today





Well, I struggled my way into changing blog pages into word documents and then into pdf documents and then I chose and fixed a few mistakes and threw out ones where the picture was too dark and put them in order and changed the order and. . . .ok you get it.  Then, ta da! I downloaded – with much trepidation as I had just paid someone (you know who you are) to debugg my machine of a nasty virus imported with the last download.  So, I downloaded Blurb (an online publisher)which had been tempting me with discount coupons and assurances of how I would create my own book in five nano seconds.  Hmm. . . . no idea what I’m doing!  Totally lost in Blurb videos, loops, options.  Finally gave up as I know my evil tendency to insist and insist on things until I am in a tearful fever and fling out of the window whatever the offending item is- cake mixer, knitting needles, condom – oops, scratch that.  I  mean, don’t actually scratch it. . . Anyway, since throwing a computer out of the window didn’t seem like a good career move for an aspiring writer, I decided to do my blog instead.  I have neglected you lately, dear readers, few in number though you may be.  I will allow the kind minions at Blurb to answer my very elementary question while I attend a “weekend between Christmas and New Years party” at my dear friend’s house.  She reminded me to bring the Pictionnary game which always means roars of laughter, fights over the rules and torn papers as people explain that, yes, that really is an accurate depiction of . . .the wind. . .Enjoy this most limbo-like of weekends.  I will do another post before New Years.  I wonder if Blurb’s elves will get back to me before then.

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