I promised you these

image                                                                                         image

A shame it was a white sky day in Montreal yesterday. I cannot imagine how much longer the snow will stay on branches around here. Already simple evaporation and the weight of the snow is changing the strange sculptures we see around us. These pictures certainly would have been more spectacular with a blue sky but, there you are, sometimes we have to take what we can get. I love the old red stone mansion, high on the hill with its guardian fir trees and I included the spectacular overhang at the police station up on Mount Royal. That is enough to discourage me from going in. The whole roof snow -cover had slid down, hung the wind-formed icicles and now is suspended about two feet over the main entrance. The Narnia road shot is from the top reaches of the cemetery. I went to place an evergreen decoration and had to wade through knee -deep snow, floundering about in the almost obliterated markers until I found the right stone. A good day to look at snow.


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